M&GPrudential's recruitment process

  • Application: Completing an application form and uploading your CV
  • Telephone interview: You’ll have a half hour telephone based interview based around your strengths, skills and competencies*
    *Accountancy and finance candidates will be asked to complete an online numerical reasoning test of 20 minutes.
  • Work strength assessment: You’ll be invited to complete a 20 minute online questionnaire which identifies your potential strengths against the successful behaviours and competencies required for the apprentice role. You’ll be provided with a short report showing your strengths, including the environments that are likely to enhance or hinder your performance.
  • A video interview: A one-way online recorded strengths based interview. You’ll be provided with a link containing instructions for completing this at the time. You’ll be provided a question, a small amount of preparation time and time to answer the question before moving onto the next.
  • Assessment Centre Day: Shortlisted candidates will be invited to our local office to undergo the final strengths based interview with the hiring Manager, a group based exercise and for some roles an in-tray or a case study exercise. This will be confirmed prior to your Assessment Centre Day.

Apprenticeship benefits

More than just qualifications, an apprenticeship allows you to develop in your current role and beyond, providing a platform for future career opportunities.

  • Qualifications: build your knowledge and make a positive investment in your career with a recognised qualification or degree where appropriate.
  • Skills: apprenticeships are designed by employers, professional bodies and training providers to match the skills and behaviours they need from employees.
  • Connect and network: connect with other ambitious learners on your programme; building a business network that will help throughout your career.
  • Personal and professional development: By combining formal tuition with real-life, workplace learning, an apprenticeship will enhance your business, technical and personal experience, ensuring your receive much more than a qualification.


We are delighted to have been recognised as one of the best employers in the UK for school and college leavers. We rank 16th in the league of Top 100 Apprenticeship Employers in UK. This ranking is based on thousands of students and apprentices written reviews.

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Charlotte Cope, M&G Apprenticeship Scheme, Finance Apprentice

Why do you enjoy your job?
I would say one of the best aspects of my job is how I get to see many sides to the business and how they all fit together. Within my team I help in many different areas and this has really helped me gain a deeper understanding of the business and industry. I’ve had lots of opportunities to meet lots of new people through work, Investment20/20 and through my studies. I have always been interested in joining the finance industry and my job with M&G has been very rewarding with lots of opportunities to keep learning.

What is the most challenging thing about your job?
I think the most challenging part of my job was coming in with no knowledge of the finance and asset management industry. There was (and still is) lots of terminology and processes to learn. Everything is brand new which can be overwhelming at first but everyone is very friendly which has been a huge help. Studying for my qualification on the side has helped also.

How did you get into your job?
I studied maths, economics and chemistry at college and decided to go to university to study economics. I decided after my first term at university that I wanted to drop out and instead pursue an apprenticeship where I could learn on the job. After leaving university I applied to a few apprenticeships and decided that M&G was the place I wanted to work.

What are your future aspirations?
I would like to complete my certificate level CIMA qualification and then move on to the professional level CIMA qualification. I hope to keep gaining valuable experience in my job.

How would you sum up your Investment20/20 experience?
Investment20/20 has been very helpful in the development of my career. I have had the opportunity to meet lots of new people and listen to successful people in the industry give talks and hear of their experiences.

Charlotte Cope, Finance Apprentice

Rose Scotton, M&G Apprenticeship Scheme, Investment Operations

The M&G Apprenticeship scheme was a brilliant and unrivalled introduction to the world of asset management, and exceeded my expectations in every way!

Whilst coming to the end of my time at sixth form I faced a dilemma; I wanted to solve tangible problems and work with a variety of people from different backgrounds, but I also genuinely enjoyed learning and taking qualifications.

Then I found the M&G Apprenticeship scheme! I joined as the Internal Portfolio Services Apprentice, and my tasks included facilitating money movements across the funds in my team’s remit, compiling reports on our funds, and calculating monthly yield figures – which involved reconciling lots of data until you hit zero (surprisingly satisfying!).

Alongside learning how to perform my role and absorbing knowledge of the industry you become immersed in, I was also given the opportunity to take two industry qualifications, and was supported throughout by my team and tutor.

The aspect that surprised me the most about my apprenticeship at M&G was how much responsibility you are given from day one. You are immediately made to feel like a valued member of the team, which makes you determined to achieve your objectives, and strive further.

Rose Scotton, M&G Apprenticeship Scheme, Investment Operations


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